Holotropic Breathwork® Jersey

Moving Towards Wholeness

Supporting those interested in understanding themselves and taking ownership of their own healing within a caring, supportive community.

Holotropic Breathwork® Jersey invites you…

⋆ on a journey into your inner world ⋆
To help you remember who you are, what you love and what's important in your life.


…through the power of your breath you can access your own innate inner wisdom and gain insight and understanding to help you make conscious choices in your life.

Infinite Possibility

…in non ordinary states of consciousness and with the awareness that brings, you view the world through a wider, colourful and expanded lens, bringing the potential for growth and change.


…in a world where it often seems like there is little time to reflect and be oneself, Holotropic Breathwork offers a safe space to release, explore, stretch and reconnect.

About Holotropic Breathwork® Jersey

Holotropic Breathwork is a well-established method, developed in the 1970s and practiced around the world, to generate non ordinary states of consciousness, or expanded states of awareness.

It is a powerful practice for facilitating self-healing and deep inner work that can lead to greater self-awareness, personal development and growth.

It is a revolutionary practice of self-empowerment based on world traditional wisdom and consciousness research.

The curious, the open-minded and those interested in understanding themselves and taking ownership of their own healing within a caring, supportive community.

If you are already undertaking therapy, and/or working on self-awareness, understanding your inner processes and you wish to deepen and boost that work.

If you’re facing a life crisis or period of transition and would like to manage these with more awareness and grace.

If you feel stuck in patterns of behaviour or life situations and/or carry old hurts or traumas that feel impossible to change or let go of.

If you simply feel discontented, lacking purpose, like there has to be more to life.

Evocative music, to be surprised, emotion and unconditional support.
To be welcomed into a space as you are, where you can be yourself and express yourself and do your own healing work without expectation, judgment or interpretation. A safe space to stretch physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Upcoming Holotropic Breathwork® Workshops & Events

Jersey Museum

Spaces Available

Introductory Talk

If your’re interested in finding out more about Holotropic Breathwork you are very welcome to attend this informal talk with an opportunity to ask questions.

Spaces Available

Greenhills Weekend Residential Retreat

- 20/10/2024
3 day workshop to help you explore natural healing and growth through the direct experience of expanded states of consciousness.