Podcast: A Holotropic Journey by Batting The Breeze

If you’re interested in exploring more in to Holotropic Breathwork, check out the following podcast hosted by Batting the Breeze.

This podcast delves into the fascinating practice of Holotropic Breathwork. The podcast offers valuable insights, wisdom, and inspiring stories. From the origins and benefits to real-life transformational experiences, each episode sheds light on the therapeutic potential of Holotropic Breathwork.

About Batting The Breeze

Batting the Breeze is a podcast for the infinitely curious. It’s a place where we share stories, invite others to share stories and sometimes… just talk. Episodes are usually less than 25 minutes and could relate to absolutely anything; Quite often, they’ll be subjects you’ve never thought about thinking about. We’re always looking to be informative, amusing or thought-provoking and occasionally all three! Head over to www.battingthebreeze.com for more information.